The abstract board game with no dice for 2-4 players.

Pentagem Cup Nov. 7th 2019

Rules explained in video (Youtube)

Pentagame in Neuk├Âlln in action

Try the mechanics in this browser game implementation (work in progress)

Try the mechanics!

Results Tourament 17t October 2019 Results from the tournament October 2019 at c-base in Berlin. Congrats! r

Easy rules. Little material.

Short duration.

And every game is different.

This game is timeless.

Copies available upon request.

Meet players at c-base.

Contact: gro.emagatnep@emag

Pentagame Playing every Thursday Rungestr. 20 in Berlin

Rules explained on Youtube (German)
Rules Github (translators click here!)
Prototype 2019 (c) Jan Fels
These are the results from the 2019 September tournament:

Tournament 2019 results

Pentagame on BoardGameGeek

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